Dyeing underarm hair is the new craze

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Having underarm hair and moreover colored with artificial tones, seems to be the new fad that has been established on Tumblr and Instagram. Many women consider having underarm hair is something liberating, (I disagree because hair does smell), but I like the idea of wanting to break with the social norms of beauty but other options before walking hairy by life.

The ideal is not directly coloring the roots, but leave an inch undyed hair

Many take on this trend because they want to reject the standards of beauty and wish to have complete control over her own body, to do whatever they want without having to be criticized for it. From the time that these ideals are being increasingly challenged by the women of the world, and the fact walk with hairy armpits therefore not surprising ago.

Several celebrities do not shave armpits, but have not jumped to dyeing their hair, they have demonstrated that they are capable of enforcing the right to use their bodies without fear they will say.

Julia Roberts was the first to appear on the red carpet with hairy armpits, this was around 1990 and received harsh criticism. Other celebrities who are not pluck Madonna (who revolutionized Instagram with hairy armpits), Beyonce and Britney Spears attending public events without plucking, Lady Gaga is itself eccentric and liberal, among many others.

If you like this trend intrigue or want to really try, this post will be helpful as you explain how you can dye the armpit hairs notes.

How to dye your armpit hair

First of all you should know that the hair should be long to get the best results, then you need a traditional dye, hydrogen peroxide and gloves.

The first step is to rinse hair, even if you’re blonde, since artificial tones look good only on the white hair.
The application time depends on how dark or lighter the hair, for example clarify a brown tone takes 15 25 minutes.

When hair is white, clear oxygenated water and dry completely fine. Using a good brush applicator for dyeing, looks placing the product being careful not to touch the skin so it does not stain.

The ideal is not directly coloring the roots of underarm hair, but leave an inch undyed hair. The exposure time is the same as for the hair, check the directions on the box to avoid problems.

If the result is not as expected, make the necessary tweaks using a small amount of dye and hair BOUT pressing gently with your thumb and forefinger. The dyed hair should not stain clothing after 24 hours, but the color the same amount of time in the head, so you should tweak often not maintained.

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