Dry and Cracked Hands: How to Take Care and Keep Hydrated

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The hands are an important aspect of our body that we can not neglect. In fact, often the first thing that stand out are the hands. And paradoxically is the least we take care of the body. Also, as women, we set out our hands to the action of chlorine and detergents, cleaning fluids, making inexorably, our hands look dry and cracked. Sometimes the weather does not help. If we live in a dry climate, our hands may look very cracked.

Dry and Cracked Hands How to Take Care and Keep Hydrated

The hands also should be careful, but how? We have plenty of ways to show off some beautiful hands, some are creams  on the market and others are highly effective homemade tricks. Here we have some.

First you have to see what things we should avoid to have beautiful hands, wash your hands often dries out the skin of the hands, use strong soaps is also counterproductive, hand dryers with hot air are harmful to the hands, especially if the use often. The sun is also harmful to the hands, so on hot days and especially in summer you have to take care of your hands.

Now what should we do to have a beautiful hands? The bottom line is take care of factors like the sun, chemicals and others. For example, when doing household chores, it is essential to use rubber gloves. True, it may be uncomfortable but it is important to have healthy hands. Use sunscreen on hot days is essential to protect your hand skin from UV rays. Remember that the skin of your hands is very sensitive.

Taking these precautions, you’ll be taking an important step in the care of your hands, but it is also important to strengthen the care with special creams for dry, chapped hands. One brand is most recommended for such Uresim, which protects and restores the skin of the hands. Nivea cream is ideal for extra dry skin hands. The St Ives product line has restored hand cream MINERAL THERAPY leaves the skin of your hands moisturized. If you do not want to spend much and you need a good cream: Hinds is a very good option too.

In addition to using these creams proven, you can complement your home use tricks to moisturize your hands dry and cracked. To begin changing a regular soap or glycerin soap. The olive oil and aloe vera have great healing power. Rub your hands with olive oil will give you immediate results!

If you practice these tips, you’ll notice that your hands again revive. Your hands also deserve to be beautiful!

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