Diorskin Nude Air, optimal skin hydration for skin treatment

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A few weeks ago you were talked about what the makeup trends for spring 2015 in which we highlighted the trend “no makeup” do you remember? Go massaged without seeming ultimately very natural makeup.

In 2009 born the bottom-up Diorskin Nude, edgy and reference of that bare skin effect in 2015 nude makeup goes away and comes Diorskin Nude Air , a range of serum and powders for perfect skin.

A range characterized by the perfection of a natural complexion, a protective care and skin beautification. Diorskin Nude Air is inspired by a vital element oxygen, the source of life and energy.
Diorskin Nude Air Serum Teint more than a makeup acts as a treatment

Diorskin Nude Air Serum Teint

An ultra-lightweight liquid foundation and beneficial. The skin gets a good side effect.

Dior incorporated by my first time in a make the Oxigen Activ technology, a combination of vegetable oils, vitamins and minerals. A powerful antioxidant, cranberry oil, rich in fatty acids 3 and 6, known to maintain optimal skin hydration. At the heart of this technology, hyper oxygenated vegetable oil that acts as a gifted conveyor. Oxygen loaded, releases progressively throughout the day as needed skin. The skin is fully operational, as released from fatigue, stress and aggression. Besides its formula is free of talc.

It comes as a pipette as a serum and only a few drops suffice for perfect Nude effect. The skin is unified with brightness and a velvety touch

The skin appears naked and perfect makeup thanks to the 6 shades offer.

The truth that Diorskin Nude Air Serum Teint more than a makeup acts as a treatment.

Diorskin Nude Compact Air Poudre Libre Et

Following the trend of perfect skin loose or pressed powder.
Diorskin Nude Air , a range of serum and powders for perfect skin
Its super lightweight formulas are enriched with vitamins and minerals and sweet orange to help tone and strengthen the freshness of complexion. Leave the skin breathe and also create a shield against pollution by limiting the absorption of harmful particles without altering the natural functioning of the skin.

Elements of natural, sweet orange extract, vitamins and minerals ensure a radiant complexion vitality.

As I mentioned, they are also soft and light texture, matifican without that powdery effect and last up to 7 hours.

With the same technology, this new range could not miss a powder of sunshine to bring a warm tone to the original color of the skin leaving the skin breathe achieving an always radiant and healthy tan effect good face.

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