Differences and similarities between Hydration and Moisturizing the skin

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When you finally decided to use creams for skin care, you find these two options that sound so similar to that often confuse. They sound similar because the two words refer to water, moisture, and sometimes the creams are the same thing, or took one of each, just in case, because you know that the beauty of the skin depends on adequate water conservation. But moisturize the skin is not the same as moisturizer, although the effects are sought are ultimately the same.

The wetting is an external process, unlike the hydration. In creams, this translates into the textures. If you look closely, the wetting will be thicker and the other lighter, more liquid.


Differences and similarities between Hydration and Moisturizing the skin


The Moisturizing creams and surface action

The moisture is from the outside when the skins are still young. That is, when not even need factors outside the body so that the skin has leveled the proportions of water needed to maintain its elasticity and smoothness.

What does the wetting is to collaborate in the skin attract moisture it needs from abroad. Therefore, the ingredients will always be essentially water and oil (propylene glycol, glycerin, etc.). Before purchasing a moisturizer, simply pay attention to your skin type.

Oily skin: increased presence of water.

Dry skin: increased presence of oil.


Hydration and deep acting creams

In the body, blood contributes to the cells of the skin, along with oxygen and nutrients, water required daily to the firmness of the tissue. Over the years, the skin loses the ability to retain water received, while the internal metabolic process slows.

According to cosmetologists, start a daily skin care moisturizer since age 25, and if the skin is very dry, skip right to the use of moisturizing s as the basis of any makeup.

However, if the skin is normal and no signs of dryness, the 30 years since the cream moisturizer should be a companion of the adventures of everyday life.

Creams moisturizers contain complex nutrients, active ingredients such as urea, amino acids or collagen. The goal of these ingredients is to influence the internal processing of the cells, helping to retain tissue water.

So far we saw the differences. The similarity is that both processes contribute to good skin appearance. But the creams alone do not make miracles if not accompanied with a diet rich in vitamins. Drink two liters of water per day is one of the best favors you can do to our skin.

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