Cosmetics skincare for woman over 40

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Curiously, if one looks for images on skin care at 40, a majority of the photos appear with women undergoing surgeries, injections and stretching of various kinds. This cosmetics skincare is done to take care of the skin, which is protective barrier, and you can also aspire to have beautiful skin and wrinkles simultaneously. Here are some tips to achieve this goal as fair.
Cosmetics skincare for woman over 40
While the aging process is different for every woman, it is usually to arrive at 40, or just passing this figure, the skin loses elasticity and firmness, which leads to wrinkles that are marked with greater activity in the expressive areas of the face: forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth, as in the rest of the body to lose tone and flaking. As Cindy Crawford says: “What bothers me are not wrinkles, but the expression of old age.” In this sense, it is not so much fight wrinkles, which are inevitable anyway, but nourish the skin so that the expression does not lose its playfulness at any age.

Scrubs and massages

Peels on the face and whole body massage are two main allies of a fresh skin for women who reached 40. Exfoliation is a treatment that is performed at least once a week and that is to remove the dead cells of the outer layers of the skin. As a result, predisposed and stimulate the skin cells to generate collagen.

As we know, with organic changes the skin loses water presence in their cells, which leads to dilate the pores increasingly. Therefore, in addition to weekly exfoliation, the skin cleansing is important from the 40. Vitamin masks and collagen are a good choice to make the vitamins that the body no longer recovers.

As for the massage, are a good way to avoid saggy good expression and compensate the hours of the gym so if you do not have time to go to him. These massages are useful firming at any age, but after 40 to greatly assist the tone of the muscles throughout the body.

Nutrition, food, vitamins and minerals

The idea of proper nutrition after 40 is to help the body to not lose nutrients due to slower metabolism. It is therefore to consider some unavoidable habits such as consumption of plenty of water, but we must also incorporate:

  • Citrus: especially natural lemonade, which preserves the weight, fight disease and provides a rich source of vitamins.
  • Fiber: helps burn fat, provide energy, and maintain muscle health.
  • Seeds and Nuts: give a bonus of vitamins to foods and are sources of oils that give shine and softness to the skin.
  • Hot spices: in just proportions, spicy increase metabolic function, so we are stimulating the production of collagen and cell reactivation.
  • Fish, especially salmon, source of calcium and vitamin D.
  • Dairy: that strengthen bones and make the integrated functioning of the body.
  • Vegetable oils: olive oil preferably because it provides vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin and cute.
  • Zin: a trace element is very important that we include in our diet for glowing skin. What further contain oysters, beef and wheat germ.
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