Cosmetics and their potential as biological aging and packaging

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The science of cosmetics has made ​​great strides, and really have created formulas that dramatically improve skin. These benefits are due to the main ingredients of creams : the antioxidant (as retinol and vitamin C, etc.), and those with restorative function.

When buying cosmetics have to prioritize those with the appropriate package
But the uniqueness of this is that even if a product has the best active ingredients, offers no results if you do not have proper packaging.

This is because the skin beneficial ingredients are not stable. Which means they can become unusable if they are exposed to light or air.
No matter how expensive is the formula of the cream begins to damage once the jar that contains it is opened, let alone if used the fingers to apply because bacteria that are transferred deteriorate further.

One of the critical factors in any product or repair aging skin is the number and variety of antioxidants , peptides and restorative agents. These help to reduce environmental effects such as sun exposure, pollution, cigarette smoke, etc, that attack the skin free radicals.

It is important to know that these ingredients are vulnerable to sun exposure, pollution and cigarette smoke as your skin. Once opened the product vial, immediately the stability of the active substance is altered.

All that is needed to protect the beneficial ingredients, is a dark contender to minimize exposure to air, light and fingers.
The ideals are the containers with vacuum pump , which have a very small aperture, where it exits product and significantly extends the life of the cream.

When buying cosmetics have to prioritize those with the appropriate package, no matter how leading brands are, if they have the proper bottle are not beneficial and is money thrown away.

As for the encapsulation of antioxidants to keep them protected encapsulated air, this is rather a way to stabilize, which is not the same.

An antioxidant protects skin from damaging free radicals (destroying himself in the process), and oxygen is a free radical. Therefore, maintaining the antioxidant prevented from extinguishing themselves when exposed to air is essentially reduce its benefit to the skin, since they are no longer able to protect efficiently with one of the most abundant free radicals, oxygen.

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