Cosmetic surgery of the nose or rhinoplasty: advice, post-operative care

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Rhinoplasty is very fashionable, both 15 girls already are not asking for holiday or travel, that call for surgery, and among the most requested is Rhinoplasty. Of course, if you passed the age and growth and considering, you’re in time to realize yourself one of the most requested surgeries, behind the breast implant and liposuction.

Cosmetic surgery of the nose or rhinoplasty advice, post-operative care

If you decide to make or are thinking of the aesthetic surgery of the nose you should know some things.

Being a medical procedure, it is always best advice and the best way is to make inter-consultations. That is, consult with more than one surgeon, office visit, if possible, visit the facilities where operations are carried out, meet your medical team and always, always feel confident. If surgery who will make you not wake you confidence, it is more likely to experience intervention and post-operatively.


It is also necessary from the first consultation the doctor define the type of operation that your nose needs if it is a Rhinoplasty  are talking about an operation in which mainly solve aesthetic problems such as nose bone protrudes from the back of the nose to resemble a hump, deviations to the right or left of the entire nose and congenital malformations. If, however, the surgeon considered Septoplasty is necessary because you are talking about solving an irregular internal bones. In some cases it may happen that the doctor recommends performing both surgeries, or alone with your problem Rhinoplasty cosmetic solutions and have no problems at the functional level.

To calm your anxiety, because the change you hope will be very noticeable, there are computer simulation programs, where the surgeon can upload your picture and make a simulation to create more accurate correction for your face. Thus, as you know from before really output across the operating room.

Can and should also consult with your surgeon, rhinoplasty and address. There are basically three ways: the open approach, which left a scar imperceptible at the base of the union of your nose, the approach where the incision is closed and not have scars endonasal and oral approach needed to improve essential when cartilaginous structures of the nose.

That day you must attend with a fast of at least eight hours in comfortable clothes with no jewelry or makeup and should avoid the consumption of drugs or substances such as analgesics, aspirin, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, vitamin because it can affect healing or produce bleeding more than usual.



After the operation, in a period between 3 and 6 hours, you will be discharged with a few suggestions: maintain a relative rest in a semirecumbent position, drinking plenty of fluids (due to oral dryness that causes mouth breathing) and take painkillers and other prescription medications. The nasal splint and the bandage will be left for 2 to 3 weeks, so do not despair, it is the waiting period that creates more anxiety.

Note that it is always a surgical procedure and be exposed to the risks involved, you can minimize risks enrolled and seeking a reliable surgeon.

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