Cheats for thicker hair: how to grow more hair

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Not all women have the advantage of having an abundant mane, striking and impressive hair. Many have the thin hair, delicate and sparsely populated which makes them a major nuisance in terms of aesthetics.

how do you grow hair

In this post you will get some tricks that really work you to make your hair thicker and shocking as you desire.


If your hair is fine and delicate at the crown of the head, but even in the face is thick and populated, you can try to complete this part bangs least populated. For it takes a lock of hair bangs and place over the top holding it with forks.

In addition to contributing to the hair, bangs area usually has two shades darker than the rest of the hair, which results in more visually much hair.

Layered cut

The layered cut at the top of the head is useful for adding volume to the hair, but has never carried out with scissors and razor but with the stylist has to be extreme compact not to weigh down the hair fine and scarce.


Peroxide (oxidative dyeing) makes hair swell and doubles its thickness to set the color to penetrate the hair fiber. As a result the hair looks much fuller after each color, but also playing with the colors is also very effective because for example when the hair is a mixture of tones creates an illusion of density.

Another thing to keep in mind the color of the dye, is that to hide the little hair, the tone has to be as close as possible to the scalp, otherwise it generates a lot of contrast and noticeable unpopulated areas.

The haircut

The shorter hair looks much more voluptuous, but when crosses the top of the shoulder begins to look less populated.

Using the volume mousse

The volume mousse creates a sense of pleasure in the hair without leaving the hair heavy or sticky. To use this product you must apply it to damp hair and comb to spread well throughout the hair.

Hair drying

Do not punish your hair with the dryer very strong, ideally, let the hair to dry almost completely outdoors and then with the help of a round brush to lift the roots, see calmly drying hair.

To add volume to your hair do not have to separate into strands of hair, but head down and dry from neck to toes constantly combing, then the same procedure from the sides towards the ends.


In case the problem is not your hair at the crown, but the length of the ends, you can opt for hair extensions. These can be natural or synthetic hair, depending on your pocket.

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