Caring For Long Healthy And Beautiful Hair

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The long hair requires more care than other types of hair, and you cannot deny that he deserves. When hair reaches the shoulders it is because it has managed to survive for at least three years, which means it has endured at least 600 washed and dried.

Wash hair with good and suitable products for your hair type

It is normal for long hair to become more porous and prone to damage, as while longer holds more time has been exposed to daily aggressions. Unfortunately once split hair ends there are no choice but to cut them, so it is important to avoid this problem with the use of split ends repair and moisturizing.

Tips for caring for long hair

  • Wash hair with good and suitable products for your hair type
  • Avoid dying and decolorizing hair if possible.
  • Always apply conditioner on long hair and use a moisturizing and nourishing mask once a week.
  • Always comb before washing hair, thus the shampoo will generate far fewer tangles and knots.
  • Never wet hair with a ponytail, let it loose to dry because wet hair naturally is much more sensitive and even a simple loop or a rubber band can cause damage.
  • Never rub your hair with a towel to dry, instead placed the towel on the head and slowly work your way down to the tips absorbing all the excess water.
  • Avoid metal clips and rubber bands not covered by fabric, these styling tools are causing hair breakage.
  • Try to have your hair down as long as possible and avoid using too braids, ponytails or buns. If you clog the hair on the face is preferable to use a headset.
  • Allow hair to air dry and minimizes the use of the dryer or flat iron. If you need faster drying, use the hair dryer on a low temperature or cold air.
  • When using the hair dryer to make a hairstyle (brushing) previously applied thermal protector and tries to keep a considerable distance from your hair, and long hair to be needless overstretch your hair because the same weight that has help it.
  • Use natural bristle brushes to brighten your hair, and do it always detangle with wide tooth comb.
  • Cut at least an inch of hair every two months to go removing dry and damaged hair.
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