I want to buy a good bag, what do I have to look at?

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You have finally decided to spend a good amount of money on an accessory that you use every day and that has much more durability than a smartphone, but what do you have to look for so that you do not get a cat for a hare?

When it comes to buying a computer we have clear our needs and what we should look for and if we do not have the knowledge, we ask a friend or family member who knows about the subject, or the seller himself, and they guide us very quickly. In advance we are clear, of course, that we are going to spend a paste. There, we have decided, and at that time we made a purchase being objective (or so we believe). Why that process is not the same as ‘simple’ with a good bag? What if so expensive, what if we are going to see if it is not going to be for a lifetime, that if it is not valid for all occasions. One thing is certain: bag we always carry, all the time and in all kinds of circumstances. At night, during the day, at work, at a dinner or at your grandmother’s birthday. If you are one of those who a) is even buying bad and cheap bags that have programmed obsolescence and b) you lose in your search for the ideal good bag, attentive to what we tell below.

the color of leather bag, the material, the workmanship and that, as with clothing, it makes you feel comfortable when you are using it at a practical level, but also with how you feel with it on

To clear up many doubts we have talked with four professional women in the world of accessories. To the question, what do I have to look for to buy a good bag? Several themes come to light:

Design of the bag

In addition to the way that you find attractive and practical, it is important that the belt convinces you, that it has a good closure, that the workmanship fits you for what you need, the design along with the quality of material and finishes is the most important. If a bag has a good skin and a good finishing, you will notice it to the touch, in sight and in the course of time. It will age in a natural way that will make it even more beautiful. You don’t have to trust to buy an expensive bag or a certain brand. You have to look closely at the skin, as it is sewn and worn (finishing of the edges), the inner lining, the hardware.

Quality of the bag

But how do we verify that all these details are well done? A designer of bags, gives the keys:  “look especially at the finishes. I mean how are the seams: they are straight and well finished off; the fittings: that are not scratched or look like tin; and the interiors: how the pockets are made and how is the material used”.

Material used in the bag

The skin remains the queen of durability and comfort. There are many ways to work and treat it. If you buy a leather bag you will have to take care of it, but it will endure season after season. Anyway, there are exceptions, and innovation in materials that mimic the skin is reaching good quality products that are the same or even more expensive than some skins.

Weight of the bag

Not weighing empty is key factor. If it is an accessory that we want to use and weighs empty it will not be comfortable and we will not use it regularly. When we have filled it with everything that we like to carry on our shoulders on a day-to-day basis, we would appreciate having chosen to value this characteristic.

Utility in your closet

It is very easy to fall into fashion, there are thousands of them every year. Among the main mistakes that are made are the compulsively buying plastic bags at reduced prices and which are often given only a few uses, or being carried away by fashion. Beware of the type booms Satchel fever, which then passes and we still have them in three colors at home. A good bag that you like, you have to be able to use it practically for everything: If you have chosen well, it should serve you in most circumstances.

Price is also important

Many times the price depends not only on the quality of the product itself, but also on the design, the brand and where it was manufactured. That is exclusive is also a value. You must take into account all these variables. In general, and depending on the size, from € 100 or € 200 you can find good quality items that meet expectations. For something more than 100 euros you can get something special and made with love.

Value for money

The issue of money is not just a question of the figure, but of the relationship between it and quality: How to value it, and above all, avoid being given a cat for a hare? If I put aside the big luxury brands and go to a multi-brand store, which is where I think that is where we may have doubts, I would try to forget about the environment and what surrounds the bag and take it with your hands. The best way to give us a cat as a hare is to make us believe that the bag is exclusive through its staging and in reality what we have to ask ourselves is: where is it made? Does it have any detail that is made by hand? , Is it a brand that makes great productions? The answers to these questions will mark our assessment of the value for money.

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