Bulimia and Anorexia: Two Sides of Perfection Destructive

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The women and girls to a greater extent, are the most vulnerable when suffering from eating disorders bulimia and anorexia; conditions where the desire, the other, and the body, relate pathologically. To help those who suffer from this problem you need to know the causes, both individual and social, that cause it.

Bulimia and anorexia two sides of perfection destructive

Psychological mechanisms that lead to bulimia and anorexia are diverse, but they all revolve around the imperatives of society consumption, where the professional and emotional success is linked in the imagination to the perfection of the image. In the case of adolescents, changes of old age, both mentally and physically, provided it is through the body’s way of channeling the anguish and fear to social failure.


Causes of eating disorders

There are three major factors that affect the development of these problems: the biological factor, the psychological and social. In general, all three are present in greater or lesser extent, in all cases of bulimia or anorexia. However, beware of simplifying and reducing everything to the desire to “look beautiful”. The self-destructive component of the disease has a root system that binds with deep malaise dragged from the family and society.



In bulimia:

The person experiences abrupt outbursts in which egregious amounts of food ingested in a short time.

After the “trance” is trying purified by vomiting, laxatives, and gymnastics.

In anorexia:

They are based on a strict self-control of the need for food.

In an attempt to suppress the desire to eat, follow a series of rituals, from hikes to hit in the stomach.


The excessive perfectionism and meticulousness are exaggerated some features that are found as common characteristics among people with these diseases. In addition, parents often possess extremely overprotective or coercive. The statistics include cases of individuals who suffered childhood some kind of abuse physical.


Time help

It is known that the consequences of bulimia and anorexia can cause death. In other cases less terrible, the consequences are irreversible in the body. However, these are individuals who spent many years ill and unable to heal in time. The important thing, if someone close to us suffer from eating disorders is to accompany you in seeking professional advice, to help you start a new relationship with her ​​own body.

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