Brittle nails strengthen products and vitamins

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The brittle nails are a minor problem affecting many people, both men and women, regardless of age. Generally the fragility is due to lack of vitamins or other dermatological problems in nature. In either case, it can be solved from the medical standpoint and aesthetic, once identified the problem. Here are some products to give protection and prevent nail breaks, chips or peeling.

The pregnancy, lactation, poor nutrition, stress, fungi, bacteria and some standard can trigger extreme brittle nails resulting in constant breakdowns. For some women it will be impossible to paint their nails, manicure or perform daily tasks (crafts, cleaning, etc.) because the nails will always break.

Brittle nails strengthen products and vitamins

In these cases, the first is to pay attention to that type of injury is generated, either, peeling, cutting, break, chip, surface lift, color change, texture change, swelling, pain, etc.. Once identified as the problem starts, you have to think that we kind of routine, because the problem may be there.


Possible triggers

Use of detergents and chemicals: not all use gloves and wear them with bare hands, without any protection. Some detergents or cleaners are very strong and they may be reacting to the skin or nails.

Contact allergens: some foods (onion and garlic), products or glazes contain strong acids and has been shown to trigger problems in some people.

Unbalanced diet: foods are what give us nutrients needed for the body to function and display properly. If power is not balanced or there is excessive iron deficiency, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, etc. somewhere trigger symptoms.

Dehydration: topical creams and lotions are always needed to care hands and all that they include, as nails. After washing with soap or other product, to the cold, or the wind, you have to use moisturizing creams that return to the area.

Other problems: fungus, eczema, allergies or other medical problems such may also affect the area and require specific treatments always guided by the health professional.

Brittle nails strengthen products and vitamins

Products for nails

Mavala care cream: a cream designed to nourish the nail, avoid dehydration and increase the elasticity of the plate cornea, which manages more resistant nails. Used daily (at least one month) every night and massage the nail contours with cuticles. Leave on overnight.
This brand also offers several products related to the care and health of nails, in formats enamel, nail polish, lotion, etc.

Revlon Nail Care: this brand offers a complete line of enamels designed to strengthen nails and hydrate care for. Whether as brightness, base coat, top coat or gel, all aim to help improve the area.

Vitamins: various brands have their vitamin and mineral complex to compensate some fault that your body has. Most treatment combined in formulas to help hair and nail strengthening.



  • Always wear rubber or latex gloves before handling chemicals.
  • Maintain proper hygiene in the area and use creams regularly to prevent dryness.
  • Rid the area of constant because this causes moisture fungi.
  • Keep nails short and use lime regularly helps prevent scaling constant.
  • Nail biting or other obsessive behaviors can lead to fragility to the area.
  • If you notice changes in color or texture, always consult your dermatologist.

If the case is presented to treat excessive loss of vitamins and nutrients, then it will require a more systemic. To do this it is best to consult your doctor, who indicated more powerful products style and Megasticin Cistimax, two remedies that provide vitamins, amino acids, minerals, stimulants, etc.. to strengthen nails.
Nails are a clear indicator of how the body is on nutrients so it is important to pay attention to the signs that show when they look normal.

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