Britney Spears’ Self-Esteem Classes in British Schools

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The pop singer, admired for her talent and beauty, gave her body to show girls in primary schools in England that she has cellulite. Through images that show her in a bikini, the diva reveals that its shape is as human as anyone, and that perfection is only an effect of PhotoShop.

Britney Spears' Self-Esteem Classes in British Schools

It was an educational campaign launched by the NGO Media Smart, directed by Paul Jackson and supported by the British government, aimed at girls between 10 and 12 years. The goal: to show that these ideal figures that haunt many teens that yearn for the impossible, are the result of digitally manipulated images.


Sweet deception campaign

From an institution that promotes the awareness of girls, has been a major step towards reducing the distress they cause insecurity and lack of self esteem. Ong’s work consisted in the projection of images showing the “before and after” picture, thanks to digital editing software.

At the end of the audiovisual, the instructors gave start to a debate between students and teachers put on the table topics as:

  • The image and the individual values
  • Beauty and the profession
  • How self esteem affects women believe made by computer.

The educational program, encouraged by Lynne Featherstone, British minister, as well as the writer Susie Orbach, was a success thanks to the intervention of the popular singer, who thus reaffirms her position among the young star.


Digitized Bodies

The new generations are the most vulnerable to believing everything the media presents it as true. Is that before the digital image, the bodies of the divas were natural, like the skins. Any woman who was born before the ’80s can attest to that.

However, at present the technology available to eliminate the human, i.e. imperfect, photographs for advertising campaigns are it modeling clothing, cosmetics, actresses and pop singers.

As we know, the problem is that people touch, low self-esteem is generated the idea that women can never be complete, not having those curves, that skin, that smile. In this sense, the ad campaign featuring the idol of many teenagers these creations aims to demystify computer, exposing bodies are not immune or desserts, or the passage of time.

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