Best Six Free Beauty Applications of Mobile

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For the new trends in fashion, makeup and hairstyles to suit your look, you must learn how to achieve them often and above all know how well would your style and personality.

The closest thing to change (often radical) that a search and is available in your iPod touch, tablet, or i phone. Just download the correct smartphone application and see hundreds of trends and you can try as you would. It’s as close to a simulator, to discover what is best for you, without equivocation or making drastic decisions.



The App Store of Apple have several smartphone applications available that will help you find the right clothes, makeup suitable for your skin tone and all that is fashionable. Here is a list of the best smartphone applications and the link to download.

Beauty Applications teaches you look stunning

For the face

Natural Masks: keep your tone even and radiant skin is now easier thanks to an application that offers options for different types of skin and recommends ingredients natural to apply to the face. It features simple recipes based on ingredients that beautify home to women with very sensitive skin, such as those with oily skin. Available through the App Store:


Best Six Free Beauty Applications of Mobile 2011

Celebrity Makeup Looks: to learn makeup techniques. With this smartphone application, you can learn the best techniques according to the natural shape of the eyes and combinations of colors of shadows to enhance your favorite outfits. The application also has video tutorials to learn how to apply makeup. Available through the App Store:


Best Six Free Beauty Applications of Mobile 2011

Facial Plastic Surgeries: Before and After. If you’ve always dreamed of having more voluminous lips or been concerned about your nasal septum deviation, there are solutions for plastic surgery that will provide the facial features you want. Users who download this application can upload a photo of themselves and select the type of nose or lips desired, for example. The app will generate a picture of how they would look with the selected facial feature. This mobile application is available through the App Store:


Best Six Free Beauty Applications of Mobile 2011


For the body

Style Tips: find the right clothes for your body type. While most fashion styles look wonderful in the models on the runways and magazines, the reality is that each face requires a particular type. With this application you can find the best clothing that fits the body characteristics of each. Also, you can tell which areas of stress and prints figure they favor. This mobile application is available through the App Store:


Best Six Free Beauty Applications of Mobile 2011


The hair

Best Hair: includes tips to fix your hair quickly and easily, whether to attend the office for the day to day or for special occasions splendid look. Also you can see detailed video on how to fix and styling all hair types. If you’re looking for the best technique for straightening curly or wavy hair curl, this is your ideal app. This mobile application is available in App Store via

Best Six Free Beauty Applications of Mobile 2011


iNail It HD: If you love watching your hands look when freshly arranged, this is the application you need. Lets find the colors in glazes most popular nail on the season and see, through simulations, how will look at your hands. You can also add the art, the brightness and the various designs available to beautify the manicure. This application price is $ 2.99 and is available through the App Store:




There are moments in every woman’s life where you do not feel fully comfortable with your appearance and to avoid falling into that will make you repent looks better try before making any changes.

With these educational applications, you may find that particular style fits the personality of each one and you will feel incredibly attractive either at work, at home or at an exit. Do not miss these modern digital trends.

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