Belts for different body types

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The belt is a stylish accessory that can transform and highlight even the most boring dresses. Today there are plenty of options for all types of belts, but if you find the one that best suits your silhouette should choose according to your body type.
If you use it properly, like most of the accessories, a belt can highlight your best features. But if this is not so, has the ability to call attention to some body parts that are not so proud.

how to wear waist belt

The best way to find the perfect belt to experiment with different widths and styles, but in turn have to take into account certain guidelines:

As a general rule a belt of medium size about 1-2 cm thick is suitable for most types of body.

  • The women with slim torso belts must wear thin, while those with larger torsos have to opt for wide belts.
  • Women in long torsos and long legs have to wear seat about 5 inches below the navel, while the short torso have to wear a belt in the same color as the clothes to avoid the creation of a segmentation of the body.
  • For pear-shaped bodies is best to use a belt emphasizes the waist and avoid those that are placed around the stomach area. On the other hand do not have to be wide.
  • Those with hourglass body will feel fabulously belts the belts types, monochromatic and thin.
  • For those who need to reduce inches nothing better than the belts. If you have a waist that ideals are those which are positioned below the belt type bust line, and that make breasts look bigger, while drawing attention to the hips.
  • A wide belt around the waist half also has a slimming effect. To balance an apple-shaped figure is necessary to balance the midsection with a belt size slightly below the waist.
  • The silhouettes in the shape of inverted triangle are styled with a wide belt, but it is necessary to avoid excessive detail and choose light colors on the lower half and dark colors for the top half.
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