You can make a hand-sewn simile and a finite hem to make it neat.

How to Recycle an Old Sweater

We are already in autumn and temperatures begin to fall, so you have to start taking out the warm clothes we have stored. Each new season we renew some clothes of the wardrobe, and it is not bad thing to be able to do it without spending money. How? By recycling the Sweater we no longer […]

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A saline solution is the first and simplest way to clean the bacteria that are found in the wound and help the tissue heal more quickly.

Infections in the ear by piercing

When it is a piercing in the ear and punched the lobe or cartilage, it is common that the area will become infected, so it is important to know the basic concepts for the treatment of any problem with these rings. Most of the infections appear soon after the drilling, but sometimes problems may take […]

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A red dress is already flashy, so it is essential not to use bright colors, whereas, the maximum you should dare is a brick red or copper-colored outer end of the eyelid

How To Wear Make Up With A Red Dress

Wear class with a red dress requires a combination of small steps such as to prevent a fall from grace and, simultaneously, an enhancement of one’s person and one’s own face, because a beautiful dress is definitely known, but if accompanied by one and deep look persuasive, will surely make more impact. Knowing exactly how […]

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