An ally of beauty: the gelatin in the diet and its benefits

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The gelatin is colorless, odorless, tasteless, which is used in countless recipes both sweet and savory recipes; for the human body it is an invaluable source of protein. Primarily, this is the protein collagen, a natural substance that promotes healthy skin, hair and nails. This property of gelatin makes it increasingly used for medical and aesthetic, through a series of products such as capsules gelatin, jellies and candies.

the collagen gel promotes the prevention of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

We said that collagen is the fundamental nutrient gelatin. But what is collagen? It is the protein found in connective tissue: skin, muscles, bones, spine, cornea, running in favor of elasticity, volume, strength, flexibility. That’s why cosmetics ads make special reference to their products with collagen.


What is gelatin?

The gelatin is highly beneficial for beauty as it increases the elasticity of the skin, among many other good things it brings to the body. It’s good to know too, especially for those vegetarians who the source of gelatin is animal only. Thus, the high content of collagen derived from bone and cartilage of cows and other animals for slaughter. These bones undergo a complex process called hydrolysis resulting in the gelatin.


For people who want a vegetarian substitute for gelatin, carob can try, as well as lesser-known substances such as guar, and amid the agar-agar.


Benefits of gelatin at the time of seeing beautiful

As we begin the digestive process, the gelatin shows the amino acids which, in conjunction with vitamin C, become collagen. Therefore it is recommended to accompany the ingestion of gelatin with orange juice, lemonade and strawberries. The unflavored gelatin is free of cholesterol and fat, so that we can include it in all diets to lose weight. From the external viewpoint, gelatin reports:

  • Firmness and elasticity in the skin, diminishing wrinkles and expression lines
  • It is recommended, after 30 years, to begin to incorporate this collagen-rich food for the beauty and to last youth longer.
  • Strong nails and hair: hair and brittle nails are often a symptom of lack of collagen, so it will recover the brightness and smooth of hair along with strength of nail.

In addition, the collagen gel promotes the prevention of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, as it tones muscles, bones and cartilage. In this sense, from the age of 50 it is good to include gelatin in the diet.

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