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High temperatures cause the body to ask us to take easily digestible foods but do not stop being nutritious. The almond milk is not only rich in flavor, but also provides high nutritional values. On the other hand, for those who are lactose intolerant and coeliacs, this is one of the most desirable options when replacing cow’s milk vegan without losing the calcium component.

Almond Milk: a lightweight alternative for summer

Here are the requisitions for the almond milk, the better recipe for those who like to make any home.

Nutrient Almond Milk

The factors that make the almond milk is an option to be lighter in the summer without losing any nutrients abundant in the winter are the following (per liter drink):

5 gr. dietary fiber

85% insoluble fiber

14% soluble fiber. This figure simplifies the process of digestion to the intestine by regulating the uptake of sugars.


13 gm. of protein. These proteins, although not equivalent to that of cow’s milk or animal, they are able to supplement a diet that then add egg or other protein product.

10.5 gm. of lipids. Especially in linoleic acid. This property is become a good resource to maintain muscle tone and elasticity of the skin. In addition, the contribution of oleic acid helps in the prevention and reduction of cholesterol, preventing the development of heart problems.

200 mg. of calcium

220 mg of phosphorus

200 mg of potassium

55 mg of magnesium

Vitamins A, E, B1, B2


Almond Milk Recipe

In the medieval forest, where the almond trees grow spontaneously, almond milk was a substitute for animal milk during Lent. The recipe provided here is the same as then:


1 cup almonds

1 liter of water


Place the almonds soak, leaving them eight hours. After this time they will leave the skin alone.

Strain conserving water and blend.

Back to strain before serving. A cloth strainer is recommended.

You do not need sugar, which is sweet, but you can add a bit if desired.

This preparation can be enjoyed as a snack, you can add more assorted desserts and recipes. While it is recommended that the homemade, the market does not lack in the supply of milk of  packaged almonds.

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