Algae Secret revealed as a beauty treatment

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Within the immense range of marine products that are useful to us to find algae, a plant very rich in nutrients in which there is a large variety of highly useful things both in nutrition and in cosmetology.

Algae Secret revealed as a beauty treatment

Algae are considered the most complete food, nutritious and balanced which is why there have a role in the feeding of many species, including ours, being the largest consumers Orientals. Algae are rich in vitamins, trace elements and minerals that can be exploited in various ways.


The algae are useful for many things, they regulate the metabolism of fats so they help to lose weight through the action of iodine, which in turn favors the reproduction of skin cells to speed up your metabolism, making the skin will always remain elastic and rupture during weight loss.

Algae prevent premature skin aging in maintaining the perfect conditions, help to eliminate toxins, increase the body’s defenses, promote recovery from illnesses, operations and delivery, regenerate tissues and when applied topically to make scars and Stretch marks fade noticeably.

In the world of aesthetic, algae are a valuable product because of its properties to ensure immediate and severe problems of successes in skin such as the eccesemas, psoriasis and acne in all its grades.


Effects of algae on the skin

Nutrition: its high content of minerals, lipids, proteins and carbohydrates are a great food for the skin.

Hydration: gelatinous substances that have supply the water for the skin.

Toning: minerals are effective in increasing the elasticity of the dermis away with the flaccidity.

They stimulate the blood circulation when performing seaweed baths.

Fight stress and stimulate its relaxing effect against fatigue.

Fight acne and seborrhea

Seaweed body treatment

In order to use the algae have to implement these key steps:


Clean the area to be treated

Clean the area to be treated with a cleaning solution, reture with loofahs and proceeds or gomage exfoliation with a mixture of moist seaweed thicker to help eliminate dead cells and impurities.


Seaweed Mask

Spread a layer of algae previously hydrated chosen, the ratio is usually 1 of algae and three parts water. Cover the area with plastic wrap, provides heat and let stand 30 minutes before removing.

To complete the treatment apply a seaweed gel is reductive while moisturizing.


Algae Facial

Clean the face with a cleaning solution, removed with vegetable sponges soaked in water and proceeds to exfoliation of the skin with a cream with granules or making a gomage algae.

Apply a seaweed mask tensioning hydrated and let stand for 20 minutes, remove and brumiza a proper tonic. Culminating with the cream treatment appropriate to the biotype.


Seaweed hair treatment

Spread on the hair algae and hydrated ground without removing the gel to penetrate vitamins and minerals on the scalp and stimulate blood circulation, which promotes growth and combat seborrhea.

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