Achieving a surfer wave hairstyle

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It is summer and it is time for informal unstructured hairstyles, which mimic a little look “sloppy” to get on the beach.

So for your summer outings you can take a wave surfer hair, similar to skateboarder girls. Actress Kate Hudson is one that tends to bring this style, which is based on very soft waves, unarmed, that lend a touch of warmth to the face.


Achieving a surfer wave hairstyle

It is ideal for short hairs who want to look bulky heavier, and is easy to achieve. It takes a few minutes.

It’s a good hairstyle for the holidays, because you do not need or take much time or in the trunk too much to do, so you can wear it at night in bars and nightclubs tracks during your vacation.

On the other hand, is the best look to exploit the natural rinse that gives you the sun, and much more if you did or lighting fuses, or the color of “tips worn.”

The first is applied to wet hair mousse volume from root to tip helping with a wide tooth comb. Dry your hair pulling his head down and giving air from below.

Then there are two options. The first is to wrap strands of hair and fasten with aluminum calipers. Then, there is a little heat, and leave it a while as you finished the makeup and dress. When removing the clamps, comb a bit with your fingers and then apply spray.

Another way is with the hair iron is more durable, perhaps the best option if you have straight hair too.

With the hot iron, take small sections and Prensal. The movement of the hand must rotate the plate to the other side, making a gentle zigzag.

If you want more marked in wisps around her face, succeeded by wrapping the tuft on the surface of the plate, pressing and pulling down. It’s going to be a loose curl.

The wax is a good complement to this type of hair, apply at the tips. Place a small amount on the fingers, rubs hands together and apply combing the ends a bit with the same fingers.

Do not abuse the wax because it may appear that you have dirty hair. Never applied to the roots, but the line of the ears down. The effect is very similar to surfing girls, sometimes hair achieve that look just because they get a bit of wax used for the table in her hair.

With loose hair and surfer waves are really big bands tightly, but you can also pick up some tips for a pickup fork informal.

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