9 Tips to look a youthful look every day

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It is important to maintain a healthy complexion in every way and leaving nothing to chance. Lips and eyes are the most sensitive and which first denoted in aging or lack of care.


To make your eyes look rested and decongested and younger every day, be sure to follow these tips from experts in beauty.
9 Tips to look a youthful look every day Protect your eyes

1 – Protect your eyes

Look for sunglasses with protection UV 400, and if large frames for maximum coverage even better. But before leaving each morning note put sunscreen at least 30 minutes before departure. Apply a broad-spectrum formula with at least SPF 30. There are creams around the eyes in addition to its rejuvenating action offer good sun protection.


2 – Use and consumes antioxidants

Apply an eye cream with antioxidants to fight free radicals, sun and pollution. Some active ingredients like green tea or certain fruits function as antioxidants and decongestants.



3 – Apply Retinol in the face at night

Retinol is an effective ingredient to stimulate collagen production, which also reduces wrinkles. Look for creams or serums that come in packages of aluminum or opaque bottle because they retain the right biological conditions of Retinol. There are eye contour cream for all skin types, whether for a skin with wrinkles deep or dark areas. Studies show that the formula Retinol and vitamin K combined work especially well on dark circles, which commonly form around the eyes.


4 – Sleep Smart

Use an extra pillow when sleeping helps to prevent the liquid is deposited on the skin around your eyes.




5 – Do not overdo cosmetic products

Do not wear tons of eye cream at night, too much cream can irritate your eyes and can actually make the eye bags bigger.


6 – Try a tensioner for your skin

The products that act as tensors obviously are not as noticeable around the eyes but they make a noticeable difference in the facial skin. Choose one with Argireline, GABA or AMD, which are the most effective ingredients.


7 – Fill in lines and wrinkles

Fill in the crow’s feet with pre-foundation creams containing silicon, specifically designed to fill deep wrinkles.


8 – It hides imperfections like a pro

To conceal dark circles use a spell cream. Choose yellow if your dark circles are blue or purple, instead if using peach color is brown. There are countless products to cover dark circles and other imperfections such as blemishes or scars, some are even waterproof.


9 – For puffy eyes

If this is the biggest drawback avoid makeup for dark or bright eyes. Instead, choose a matte shade that is slightly darker than your skin, to extend along the eyelids. In this way it becomes less obvious swelling.


With this series of tips you can look fresh and cheerful eyes. It is important to look good because they are a party that stands out most in your face. Be sure to implement the 9 steps to see better every day.

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