Prevent age spots on the skin

The passing of time leaves its traces and it shows mainly in the skin. As you grow older skin cells work much more slowly, this combined with external factors do occur the aging skin.

The age spots appear mainly on the face, neck, chest, hands and legs. The first thing to do before the appearance of spots is to consult with your dermatologist to rule out any condition try not benevolent, and then evaluate the proper method to remove them.

Note that the prevention is essential. The skin has memory, if we were exposed to the sun for many years without the proper precautions, it is clear that at a certain point we will pay bill. These spots are much more intense in skin that has suffered the wrongs of the sun, and therefore are much more stubborn to remove.

The fair skin are more prone to age spots, because this type of dermis is delicate and easily affected by external aggression. Those who have smoked for many years also have a greater tendency to see age spots on your skin faster than others.

To prevent the problem of age spots should be accretive to reduce sun exposure and use a high protection factor all day. Hydration is crucial, both external and internal because hydrated skin is more resistant to external aggressions and ages more slowly.

These spots are much more intense in skin that has suffered the wrongs of the sun

The anti-aging products as DMAE, collagen, AHAs, coenzyme Q10, retinol, vitamin C and other antioxidants help slow the aging process. It is also important to sanitize the skin daily and not using cosmetics that contain alcohol because it can stain the skin even more.

To remove age spots many treatments such as:

  • Chemical peels with acids
  • Peels diamond tipped acid treatments
  • Creams despinmentantes
  • Photo rejuvenation laser and pulsed light
  • Cosmetic treatments to improve skin condition, made in conjunction with peels

As you can see now there are several alternatives that will help you deal with age spots. The ideal is to consult with a specialist who can recommend the most appropriate for your case because all skins are different and therefore require individualized treatment.