How To Use Green Concealer For Red Blemishes

The corrector is an excellent tool to hide facial imperfections, in the case of green concealer, this serves to balance the tone of the spots or redness and rosacea lesions.

Correctors are different shades of green, are those with a green tint similar to peppermint and more intense, and the choice of the same depend on the problem to be corrected. The green concealer also serves to hide the purple birthmarks, scars that are still red and acne.

Above all remember that balance is key when it comes to using green concealer, if you exceed the amount that the result can be nothing flattering. Starts applying a small and mixing it with the normal corrector obtain a more subtle.

If the redness of the skin is very marked, you have to apply a very thin layer of green concealer on the affected areas and above it a little foundation or regular concealer. Should the green hue notice much apply some touches of yellow powders to lower it.

balance is key when it comes to using green concealer

Choosing the best green concealer

Just as the other types of corrective green concealer has to merge into the skin without problems. There are many brands of green correctors very good and effective, among them are:

Pupa Magic concealer and highlighter green pigments possessing special illuminators and also covers the lines. Some consider it the best green concealer on the market, as it can be used directly on the skin or over makeup finish.

Maybelline green concealer, a cheap product hypoallergenic formulation that is water resistant and will not clog pores.

Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer Clinique has a gentle formula ensures a natural-looking coverage. It comes in three colors and can be worn alone as under makeup.

Chanel green corrector, this product being applied does not take a grayish hue which makes applying makeup base no color deviations are generated.

Avene green concealer has SPF 15 and is water resistant providing a long lasting makeup. It has no perfumes or preservatives, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic.