How To Wash Makeup Brushes At Home With Simple Remedies

This guide does not tell you how to wash makeup with simple remedies for all women. The make-up is a spell in which all the women to look more beautiful and bright. The trick enhances the faces of every age, the following precautions to not look like masks. A simple line of pencil, eye shadow tuned to a bright lipstick and moisturizing enough to be the most fascinating. Many of us wear makeup only on special occasions, parties, business meetings, birthdays, weddings but how do we do not do for a particular purpose? The skin responds differently depending on the types and particular situations, such as the summer sports and hot flashes that characterize menopause.

Before applying make-up you have to make a clean deep facial by beauticians in beauty salons

Before applying make-up you have to make a clean deep facial by beauticians in beauty salons qualified by heat sources that dilate the pores followed by massage with paste. The first remedy never to be forgotten is the primer, now available in all areas of cosmetics, consisting of a transparent base that allows cosmetics last all day without resorting to those 24 hours on 24, which does not allow the skin to breathe.

If the primer is not available, you can apply a layer of moisturizer before applying the foundation, although they are already rich emollient ingredients and avoid touching your face with your hands. Another straight is to pass an ice cube or lemon on the face, preferring the first cases of dry skin and the second set in the fat. You can also spray on your face with thermal water at a distance of 20 cm for only moisten.

A particular situation is the summer season and the hot heat when the face is filled with beads of sweat and make-up melts like Popsicle. Excessive sweating may conflict with a number of deodorants as the crystal of potassium but face requires special attention

The foundation should never be used in the living rooms to the sea, favoring a moisturizer just colored, followed by a pass of a lipstick called brilliant gloss, eye shadows and pencils preferring powder to those in cream which dissolve more easily. Finally the clarity of the forehead and cheeks can be limited by stick protective emollients.