How To Hide A Big Nose With Make-Up

Many have particularly unimportant noses that are not to their liking or that create social problems. The first temptation is to resort to cosmetic surgery, but don’t forget that you can make it disappear (or at least greatly reduce it) simply with makeup. And then you see how to cloak the big nose with make-up.

Large noses can be of different types: a hawk, a potato or long, but all the same rule applies, i.e. the trick may be able to harmonise the face. The main technique for doing this is the light-dark, i.e. applying light and dark shades on the face by correcting the non-harmonic overtones. Especially with dark colors you tighten the strokes large, and vice versa with the light colors allargherete those tight. Obviously using this technique varies from nose to nose, or rather from form to form. Let’s see how.

how to mask large nose with make-up

We begin with an aquiline nose. It is a nose which makes the face very strict and no need for a make-up that can hide the bump on the back of the nose. You will need to bring their own ground and enlightening and act like this: Apply the land on the small hump formed by the nose (so the area will be hidden) and the lighting between the lashes. By doing so, you will create a contrast by which you will put less emphasis on the hump.

The second case is that of the long nose. This time you will need to operate on the tips, which usually has a tendency to go down seeming almost to touch the upper lip. To correct this you will need only blush beige or tan: you will use to darken the final part of the nose, in such a way as to result in a shadow that will cover the imperfection.

Then there is the long nose In this case you will need to let the clear side of the nose than the trick usually used: in this way the nose seem a bit wider and less long.

Finally speak the bulbous nose, which has the particularity to make your face always a bit funny. In this case you will have to make up the nose and then look more closely. To do this you need only the earth, you must apply on the wings of the nose, but even at the edges of the tip, the nose seems smoother but there is one tip to make, when you put the earth, be careful not to overdo it.