How to beautify your feet, beauty tips and techniques

When it comes to beauty, we usually focus on the face and in the central part of the body, but we often forget our extremities body like the feet, for example. In winter, cover them with socks and boots and totally neglected, so that when summer comes we find unattractive feet.
How to beautify your feet, beauty tips and techniques
What can you do to beautify your feet and show them off in the summer? The beauty of the feet is extremely important and says a lot about you and your personality, so here we tell you what you can do to look beautiful feet.
The first step to having a beautiful foot is relax. The feet may also suffer the consequences of stress and fatigue of the day. Put some warm water in a container with chamomile and put your feet there for 20 minutes (if you can longer the better) this not only relaxes your feet but the entire body.
The second step is to moisturize your feet with an excellent moisturizer is olive oil. Apply especially on the heels, which is part of the foot that most dry. Gently massage your feet for 10 minutes with olive oil significantly improve the skin of your heels and the foot rest. Prior to moisturize your feet you can use a pumice stone to smooth the skin of your feet. Exfoliate the skin on your feet regularly to prevent warts and calluses as well as being aesthetically undesirable are very painful.
As a third step, having your nails trimmed will prevent under these dirt and dust accumulation, which could result in fungi, and other infections. Keep nails trimmed and washed two or three times a week with alcohol will keep your feet and nails sanitized.
As a fourth step, every time you walk barefoot. Surfaces such as sand in the beach grass in the field, clean soil in the yard or clean the floor of your home will make the blood circulate through the body becoming abundantly feet as well.
Do not forget the daily hygiene of the feet as clean between fingers every day, avoid sharing pliers as a means of transmission. This not only have beautiful feet but also hygienic and healthy.
Of course if you’re female, you can further embellish your feet, paint your nails. Glowing fingernails painted with eye-catching sandals, makes everyone bow their eyes to see your feet.
Do not forget to care for and beautify the feet, which are part of your aesthetic. This way you can look beautiful summer sandals and walk through your life with beautiful and firm steps.