10 things that imply your partner wants to break relationship

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How do you understand that he wants to leave you? Let his decision to leave you not as a bolt from heaven.
There are characters signs and behaviors that tell you that your partner is thinking to break relationship. By these signs on the wall to watch, you create for yourself time to think about the situation and to you possibly have take preparation to face the worst scenario.

10 things to break relationship

1. He does not speak about the future.
You make plans for the future but he did not respond. Instead, he evasive and avoids any action or decision.

2. He is silent
He is unusually taciturn and introverted. If you ask what’s going on, you get meaningless answers.

3. Change in his behavior
He suddenly behaves differently than before and looking you in bed hardly more.

4. He does not say ‘I love you’ anymore
You get the words “I love you” not to hear, and if you ask if he still loves you, he looks away and he replied without looking at you.

5. He does not invest more in your future
He begins not on the purchase of a new home or children.

6. He is not willing to compromise
He is not willing to water down the wine to do and persists in his position. He is increasingly his own way.

7. He is not interested in dispute discussions
He does not bother to misunderstandings and incomprehension among you out of the way and do disagree with an indifferent shrug. He will never try to settle dispute by discussions.

8. He did not want to do fun things together
Your proposal for a weekend get away, he makes off with excuses or evasions. Also nice meals Couple avoids. Things you previously did together (car wash, walking) he alone now. He has no support/companionship.

9. He proposes to separate your finances
He suddenly comes up with the idea to eliminate the joint account or repeatedly makes clear which assets belong to him, and suddenly the dog from him and not of you together.

10. He has openly criticize you and your relationship
He does not mince his mouth and criticizes you openly. He leaves no opportunity to say that your relationship is not good and carries examples of loving couples in your immediate environment separate.

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