Blueberries: a panacea for beauty skin

Blueberries are essential for the skin

The blueberries are exceptional health and benefit us both internally and externally. The skin is greatly benefited by the intake of this fruit, as well as when it is applied externally. The blueberries are full of phytonutrients, substances of high protective properties. Contain large amounts of natural antioxidants, natural vitamins A, C and E and … Read more

Ultherapy, focused ultrasound treatment for sagging facial

Through located ultrasound generating new collagen from the lower layers of the skin

Aesthetic treatments for the face are many, but with good results and approved by all health, far fewer rules. Tighten the skin in one session is possible thanks to a new system that is already rage among celebrities and working on flaccidity face, neck and chest . Throughout the year you can do and is … Read more

Dior Technologic sunglasses for 2015

Dior glasses in all different styles

These sunglasses are and will be the best accessory a woman can wear throughout the year, regardless of the season where you are. During the celebration of Fashion Week fashionistas in major world cities such as New York, London, Milan and Paris proposals were incredible and the Dior deserves special mention. Technologic Dior is the … Read more

Top 5 benefits of Drinking lemon water

The habit of drinking lemon water improves liver function

Drinking lemon water is more beneficial than you imagine. This habit besides being healthy for the body, have positive effects on the skin. Eliminates toxins A glass of hot water with lemon every morning can help eliminate toxins as it has a diuretic effect. ½ lemon juice can also contribute to the function of the … Read more