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This problem happens for a deterioration of collagen and elastin fibers 0

Early signs of aging

The first signs of aging appear from the age of 25, signs of skin aging generally begin to be perceived on the surface. As you get older, the processes in the skin become smoother...

new Sustainable cosmetic with photosynthetic bacteria successful formula for biodegradable personal care products

The cosmetic comes with photosynthetic bacteria

Sustainable cosmetics have found an interesting ally in micro algae. Based on the cultivation of cyanobacteria, it has proved to be a successful formula for biodegradable personal care products that are characterized by a...

Keys to Choosing the Best Makeup Background

How to Choose the Best Makeup Background

The choice of makeup foundation is very important to get good results. Many times, the decision is complicated because each time more textures and beauty products appear. With a few simple tips, it is...